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Community Facilities


Each village will have a community centre. There will also be one main neighbourhood centre located in the Canal Quarter. This is where the health centre, community centre, nursery, police offices and a number of retail units will be located. The public transport hub will be also be located here.



Primary Education

There will be two new primary schools in Kingsbrook, one in Orchard Green and one in Canal Quarter. We will be providing serviced land for the schools which will be built by Bucks County Council. Each of the two primary schools will have pre-school facilities for four to five year olds. Barratt David Wilson will be providing funding for these schools, together with contributions to provide additional spaces at existing local schools.  

Secondary Education

Barratt David Wilson will provide a serviced site for a secondary school. If Bucks County Council requires education funds rather than land, Barratt David Wilson will pay a S106 contribution.

Nursery & Creche Facilities

Nursery and crèche facilities will be provided in the community hall in each village. The first will be in Oakfield Village, the second in Orchard Green and the third in the Canal Quarter. These will be operated by the private sector.


A permanent health centre will be provided in the Canal Quarter. It will be designed to accommodate a practice with three doctors, with space allowed to expand to six doctors. There will be provision for a pharmacy adjacent to the surgery and parking will be provided for medical staff, patients and an ambulance.


Sport Pitches

Two outdoor tennis courts and three adult grass pitches will be provided, together with changing facilities.

Employment Areas

The employment area will be made available as a serviced site following the opening of the Stocklake and Easten Link Roads. The land must also be available prior to the occupation of the 1000th dwelling.