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Public Transport

A shuttle bus service will provide a frequent direct service from Oakfield Village to Aylesbury Bus & Train Station which will run every 30 minutes at peak times. The service will be extended as the development grows until a new bus route is implemented providing links to the town centre and the railway station. A ‘Public Transport Hub’ will be opened in Canal Quarter, bringing the services together with real time information, integrated journey planning (with rail services) and ticket purchasing.

Eastern Link Road (ELR)

The ELR forms a connection between the A418 in the north and the A41 in the south, minimising the need for vehicles to use the A418, A41 and Oakfield Road to pass through the town.

It will be built in stages:

  1. Creation of the junction with the A418.
  2. To link the A418 to the first phase of Orchard Green.
  3. To connect to the SLR providing access and services to the employment area.
  4. From the roundabout with the SLR to north of the canal.

Stocklake Link Road

The SLR forms a new radial route linking the town to the ELR. This reduces pressure on the A418 and A41, allowing the full potential of the ELR to be realised without adding further pressure on these existing routes. The SLR will be built in stages as the development progresses:

  1. The creation of the junction with Oakfield Road. 
  2. The provision of access to the first phase of Oakfield Village.
  3. From the access to Oakfield Village to the point in the Canal Quarter where the bus route turns to go to Orchard Green.
  4. From the Canal Quarter to the roundabout on the Eastern Link Road.

Oakfield Road & Stocklake Link Road Junction

The junction between Oakfield Road and Douglas Road represents the western commencement of the Stocklake Link Road. The junction acts as the gateway from the existing highway onto the Stocklake Link Road.

The current proposal is based on the signalised junction scheme approved at outline. However, it has been subject to further design refinement as part of a Road Safety Audit and further analysis to ensure it can accommodate the latest traffic demand forecasts provided by BCC.

The junction includes full signalised pedestrian crossings. The existing connection to Stocklake has been retained, in its current configuration as a priority junction, in order to provide access to the Circus Fields development.

A418 & Eastern Link Road

The principles of the design of this junction were determined as part of the outline planning approval.

The junction is designed to encourage use of the ELR and SLR and reduce traffic through Bierton. This is achieved by providing a slip road from north-east to south-west, and two lanes for right turning traffic in the opposite direction. The use of a signalised junction also allows control of traffic flows through the setting of signal timings.

There will be pedestrian crossing facilities on all approaches, as well as cycle facilities in the form of ‘advance stop lines’. Footways from the ELR are extended on to Bierton Road and connect through to the existing southbound bus stop.

A new footway is also introduced on the northern side of the Bierton Road, between Rowsham Road and the new junction.