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This page details the major applications which have received planning consent and those which are still under consideration.

Outline Planning

Outline planning permission was granted by Aylesbury Vale District Council in December 2013 for 2,450 homes, 10ha employment land, a neighbourhood centre, two primary schools, construction of the Eastern Link Road (part) and the Stocklake Link Road (rural section), green infrastructure, associated community facilities and support infrastructure including an expanded electricity substation and flood defences.

Application number 10/02649/AOP

  • Oakfield Village
  • Community Centre and Day Nursery
  • Orchard Green and the Eastern Link Road
  • Bus Link Road
  • Canal Quarter
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Oakfield Village

In November 2014, Barratt David Wilson submitted the first Reserved Matters Planning Application for Oakfield Village. The application was approved by AVDC in June 2015 and will see 492 new homes built. Application number 14/03486/ADP

The application 14/03487/ADP relating to landscaping, layout and scale for the road infrastructure to serve Oakfield Village has also been approved. 

Community Centre and Day Nursery

The application for the community centre, day nursery and temporary health centre in Oakfield Village has been submitted to AVDC and has been approved.

Application number 15/03462/APP

Orchard Green and the Eastern Link Road

A Reserved Matters application for Orchard Green together with the first phase of the Eastern Link Road was submitted to AVDC in May 2015. Both applications were approved in December 2016. 

The reference numbers are:



Bus Link Road

Reserved matters application for a bus link road between Oakfield Village and Orchard Green and the second primary school serviced site.

Application Number 16/01487/ADP

Canal Quarter

The reserved matters application for the first stage of Village 3 was approved in December 2018. This was for 228 new homes plus associated infrastructure including a further section of the Stocklake link road. 

Application number 18/01153/ADP

Canal Quarter (South of Bellingham Way) – A reserved matters application for the second stage of Canal Quarter was submitted in May 2019 for 384 dwellings.



View Applications

To view all the applications please click here. To search for an application you can use the key words 'Land East of Aylesbury'.

Barratt David Wilson Homes Socio-Economic Footprint 2015

At Barratt David Wilson, we aim to build more than houses, we aim to build communities. The socio-economic footprint of BDW shows the range of benefits that a new development can bring to an area, in terms of jobs, increased economic activity, community facilities, affordable housing and wider infrastructure.

North Thames Southern Region

Discover our vision for this project

Kingsbrook is a new development of 2,450 new homes to the east of Aylesbury. It is made up of three distinct ‘villages’ or neighbourhoods, each having its own identity. The three villages are Oakfield Village, Orchard Green and Canal Quarter.

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The whole development is programmed to be completed within 15 years. Here are the key milestones regarding delivery of infrastructure and community facilities.