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    Getting Around


    Residents of Kingsbrook will benefit from excellent cycle routes all around the site and into Aylesbury.

    We recognise that cycling is not only good for wellbeing but also good for the environment, so we like to encourage our residents to cycle around the community where possible through the inclusion of dedicated cycle lanes and paths across the Kingsbrook site, getting you from A to B safely and efficiently.

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    Aylesbury is one of the six nationally designated cycling towns. It has a large network of dedicated cycleways in and around the town. This includes the exciting Gemstone Cycleways which provide easy and safe cycling to the town centre and other key locations around Aylesbury. The Sapphire route reaches out towards Kingsbrook, and a newly built route goes from your doorstep right into the heart of the town centre!


    Wendover to Aylesbury, running through Wendover, Stoke Mandeville, Hampden Hall and Bedgrove.


    Watermead to Aylesbury, reaching the town centre in around 10 minutes via Elmhurst, Manor Park and Alfred Rose Park.


    Meadowcroft and Quarrendon to Aylesbury via a completely off-road route that incorporates Gatehouse Road Business Park and Broadfields Retail Park.


    Stone to Aylesbury, offering a direct route to the town centre via Stone, Bourg Walk Bridge and the Aylesbury Train Station in around 30 minutes.


    Bierton to Aylesbury, providing direct access to Aylesbury town in just 15 minutes with an easy off-road route through Bierton Village, Elmhurst and Manor Park.


    Hartwell to Aylesbury, providing excellent links to a range of schools including Aylesbury College, Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Bearbrook School, Pebble Brook School and Oxford House.


    Fairford Leys to Aylesbury via Haydon Hill, Fairford Leys, and Rabans Lane Industrial Estate, known to local cyclists as one of the most attractive routes in Aylesbury.


    Stoke Mandeville to Aylesbury, starting at the Ambulance Station near Stoke Mandeville Hospital and going through Bourg Walk and Southcourt to Aylesbury town centre.


    Hawkslade to Aylesbury, which combines on-road and off-road routes through Walton Court, South Court and Bourg Walk, before finishing in Aylesbury town centre.

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