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    Wildlife & Nature

    Our Commitment

    Given that 60% of the UK’s wildlife is declining, it’s more important than ever to make sure we’re providing homes for wildlife as well as our residents.

    We proudly partner with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) – the UK’s largest nature conservation charity – to live up to our name as the first truly nature-friendly housing development in the country.

    As the RSPB says: “Together we can give nature the home it needs”.

    We want our outdoor community areas to be a place that everyone can enjoy, so we have created areas with trees, shrubs, flowers, open spaces and water features.

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    Partnership with the RSPB

    Here at Kingsbrook, we’re opening our arms to welcome in wildlife to complete our community.

    As part of our partnership with the RSPB, Kingsbrook has been fully surveyed by the RSPB to ensure it’s the ideal environment for all kinds of wildlife, and will be closely monitored by the charity for the foreseeable future to make sure we’re doing all we can to provide safe and sustainable homes for wildlife.

    Together, Kingsbrook and the RSPB want to make sure that our wildlife community love living at Kingsbrook as much as our residents do!


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    Hedgehog Highways and Wildlife Corridors

    At Kingsbrook we are immensely proud of our “Hedgehog Highways”. It is a sad fact that the number of hedgehogs in the UK are decreasing, so it’s our job to give them a place to live and prosper. An easy way to achieve this is by giving them the freedom to roam the site as and when they choose.

    This is where our wildlife highways and corridors come in. Kingsbrook has been designed to allow animals to move freely across our parks, avenues, streams and open spaces. A large proportion of our gardens at Kingsbrook have a small hole at the base of their garden fence, which allows small animals like hedgehogs to move easily from garden to garden.

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